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The Summit Project’s honor case is on tour around Maine.

The latest destination is the Bangor International Airport.

Travelers and other visitors can look at summit stones honoring local veterans who were killed in the line of duty.

Airport officials estimate there will be thousands of people coming in and out for the holidays.

“We have the opportunity to reach out to so many different people and touch so many different lives. The people who have paid the sacrifice, the troops coming in for the holidays. It’s very personal to me because I was on the other side the receiving end of this. I’ve come through this airport so many times, to and from deployments on 5 different occasions and to know these troops are being honored and paid tribute to in such a special way it’s really something special to me,” said Gregory R. Johnson of The Summit Project.

“Happiness to – just to families that come through and travel. We have the Maine Troop Greeters upstairs that support the troops. It brings family together. The sacrifice the knowledge of what they’ve done for us for our country for the freedom,” said Nanci Hamlin, of Parking Enforcement at the Bangor International Airport.

We’re told the honor case will be on display at the airport for about two months.

You can check it out in the new terminal.



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