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12 Sept 2015 – IDEXX Patriot Corner hikes Bradbury Mountain with TSP

IDEXX Laboratories, located in Westbrook has a recognized group to support its employees that are veterans of the US Armed Forces.   The group is called Patriot Corner. Earlier in 2015, Major Dave Coté, Andrew Coleman and I met with Teresa Pattle (Patriot Corner co-chair) to discuss ways that TSP and the Patriot Corner might work with each other.   That meeting led to a Memorial Day presentation by Andrew at IDEXX, and eventually to a hike where IDEXX veterans and their families carried Hero stones in mid-September on a hike up Bradbury Mountain in Pownal, ME.

Hike stats included:

  • 16 people, including 5 younger folks (ranging from 16 months to 15 yrs), and 3 well-behaved dogs. Three of the hikers shared their talent and cameras with us.
  • Dan Timblin carried the Stars & Stripes leading the hikers up the mountain. This flag had previously flown at Bagram AFB on 11June2014, and was shared with us by Andrew Pattle.
  • About 1.8 miles of hiking and conversation were followed by a heartfelt circle ceremony and some photos at the peak.   This was followed by a great lunch afterwards with more sharing.


Participants included: Richard Anderson (CPT Christopher Cash), Jim Linscott (SPC Daniel Cunningham), Janet Linscott (CPL Mark Goyet), Sue Slivinsky (PVT Dustin Small), Seth Slivinsky (SO1 Patrick Feeks), Pete Slivinsky (MAJ Jay Aubin), Sarah Perry & Harry Young (SGT Joshua Kirk), Dan Timblin (flag bearer), Elliott Timblin (SGT Edmund McDonald), Erryl & Luci Timblin (SPC Cassandra Cassavant), Andrew Pattle (SGT Christopher Gelineau), Emily Pattle (SPC Jeremiah Holmes), Teresa Pattle (SPC Deon Taylor), and Russ Shoberg (fellow IDEXXer and TSP representative).


Hopefully, this hike is just the first of many where TSP and Patriot Corner can come together to help remember those who have gone before us and paid the ultimate price.   Today’s hike showed a real willingness to be open with each other and make this hike about the heroes.

Russ (Sensei) Shoberg




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