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Very pleased to share the most recent tribute trek achievement with The Summit Project. Congratulations and THANK YOU to Chad Robertson and your team. Here is the letter he wrote to me back in mid June 2014 —

“My name is Chad Robertson and I am currently attending the Maine Warden Service Advanced Academy. It is a 12 week advanced school that every Game Warden in the state is required to take. Currently there is seven of us training to be full-time wardens. Our Captain forwarded us The Summit Project information and we would like to take part. SSG Veverka and I had some college classes together along with one of our cadre members. Our class includes 3 Veterans and 2 of us still serving in the Reserve and Guard. Our idea is to do a 5k run in The Forks and do 10 burpees every quarter mile, while carrying David’s stone. We look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.”

Now the post event letter to me this week (Aug 2014) — “Hey Major Cote. We were able to get the stone and had a great hike up Mosquito Mountain near The Forks. There was 12 of us Game Wardens involved and it was an honor for us to carry the stone. I’ll have some pictures to send along and will follow up with a letter to the family. We’ll be planning on returning the stone Monday to the MEPS in Portland. Thanks again.”

I thank you Chad. Thanks for keeping SSG Veverka’s memory alive. Thanks for carrying his stone for the trek, but carrying his story for a lifetime. I am also sincerely grateful to your team of wardens and all those public servants who keep our state safe and secure. MHANF.


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