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23Apr2017  1stLT Zimmerman Fitness Challenge Report out:  (Russ “Sensei” Shoberg) Weather: 36-40 F with intermittent rain showers.  TSP was represented by two teams: Chico Alpha (Josh Hudson, Kristin Stelmok, Kirsten White & Tom Zimmerman) and Chico Bravo (Michael Keighley, Russ Shoberg, Susan Simmons and Scott Stitham).  TSP support crew of Angel Matson, Betsy Hutchins, Jim Troutt, Nancy & Whitey White and Jane Zimmerman supported the two teams with photo and video coverage, cheers and on course support.  Chico Alpha carried 1stLt Zimmerman’s stone and Chico Bravo shared carrying duty for CPT Kevin Oullette and CPT Jay Brainard, as well as the Stars and Stripes.  The day was cool, wet, muddy and full of physical challenges that were overcome with team spirit, laughter and remembering that we were there to honor James’ memory, and to shower the Gold Star family members that were there with love and support.
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