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On May 1, 2014 the TSP at BSP 2014  Hiker-Hero Countdown started.  Learn about our amazing hikers and who they will honor during TSP at BSP 2014.   Read the Hiker Hero Pairings below — see the hyperlink next to the name!   What an amazing team for the inaugural climb of Katahdin and the signature event of TSP at BSP 2014.  There is NO better way to spend Memorial Day.   They have been preparing both physically an mentally for months now.  They have learned about their fallen heroes, reached out to their families and are ready to honor the fallen by challenging the living and be a part of The Summit Project living memorial.  Maine heroes are NOT forgotten. Major Dave — Founder – The Summit Project

Fallen Maine Hero Hiker First Name
CPT Christopher Cash George
SPC Jeremiah Holmes Noah
PFC Buddy McLain Andrew
MSGT Ryan Love Pat
SGT Joshua Kirk Ben
PO1 Patrick Feeks Jeff
SGT Joshua Kirk Megan
Maj Samuel Leigh Paul
1stLt James Zimmerman David
PFC Tyler Springmann Steve
SSG Brandon Silk Heather
SGT Brett Pelotte Tim
SSG Lynn Poulin John
LCpl Joshua Bernard Katie
CPT John Brainard Ben
SPC Justin Buxbaum Will
SGT Joshua Kirk Rob
SGT Blair Emery Cameron
SPC Dustin Harris Dylan
PFC Andrew Small Pete
SFC Aaron Henderson Tim M.
SSG Dale Kelly Nehemiah
SGT Thomas Dostie Glen
SGT Christopher Gelineau David G.
Maj Jay Aubin Wayne
SPC Jason Dore Kate
PFC Jordan Brochu Andew M.
SGT Edmund McDonald Mike
PFC Buddy McLain Ted
SGT Lawrence Roukey Chris
SGT Joel House Kevin
SPC Daniel Cunningham Jared
1SG Christopher Coffin Chad
Cpl Mark Goyet Greg
MSG Robert Horrigan Manny
SPC Wade Slack Shawn
CPT Daniel Tranchemontagne Sarah
SGT Christopher Gelineau Adam
CPL Andrew Hutchins Brent

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