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Summit Project Stones Going On Display In Bangor

As the snow melts and the trails dry out, the hiking season is rapidly approaching.

And that means a tribute to Mainers who’ve died serving their country will be honored again.

The Summit Project has another hike planned for Memorial Day weekend.

But before those stones are carried in the packs of hikers, some of them will be displayed at the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor.

Starting this Friday, May 1st, 13 of those engraved stones will be displayed for three weeks as a tribute to the men who’ve died since 9-11.

Having the stones at the museum continues with their mission to remember those who’ve served their country, along with their annual interview a veteran program.

“For them to see the tangible cost of freedom, in another way, you see the Veterans in the classroom and then to see the fallen Veterans stones from right here in the area and the impact that it has, the solid monument that is simple but bears a lot of weight,” said Jim Neville, the Director of Operations at the Cole Land Transportation Museum.

The stones will be brought in to the museum and put on display by students from the Helen S. Dunn School in Greenbush and they will be there starting Friday May 1st until Saturday May 23rd.

Admission to see the stones is free.



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