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BAXTER STATE PARK (WGME) — Many of the families of Maine’s fallen heroes spent time together this Memorial Day weekend for a special ceremony at the top of Mount Katahdin.

Dozens of volunteer hikers carried stones representing heroes who have fallen since September 11th.  It’s called the Summit Project and it was created by Major David Cote, a marine and Maine native.  The stones were carried to Owl Mountain in Baxter State Park.

“36 hikers who came together from all over the United States of America, as far as California and as close as Patten, Maine, carried our tribute stones and carried the memories of our fallen Maine heroes to the top of that peak,” said Maj. David Cote.

“Today when I felt his stone in my pack, I felt he died doing what he loved doing, which was flying and living a life of adventure and I thought about his parents and the weight they’ve been carrying with them since the loss of their son,” said a volunteer, who was hiking in honor of Brandon Silk.

The families of the fallen gathered at a campground over the weekend to support the hikers and thank them for their tribute.

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