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This will be your one-stop-shop for directions, team assignments, rules, hiking rosters, gear list, action items I need from you, and our plan for the day.  Feel free to download and print all these documents and bring a “smart pack” with you for the day, to include this “table of contents” page. I recommend reviewing all these  documents now and sending any questions to me.  I am only giving you what you “need to know”.

As always you can email mail@mainememorial.org with any questions or concerns.

See you on May 23-25, 2015.   We are very honored and grateful to have you join us.  It is a big group and will be an incredible weekend.  You will remember this weekend for the rest of your life.  You are part of this living memorial.  There is no other event like this in America.  Maine heroes are NOT forgotten.

Finally, when you click on the hyperlinks below, they do NOT open a new browser window.. you have to click the back arrow button.

General Admin Notes: 

1.  TSP OP Plan TSP at ANP 2014 v.1 — Here is our “itinerary” for the day.   We will stick to the schedule, so please be in the right place at the right time.   It is a full day, so make sure to stay aware of the time.    Thanks.

2.  DRIVING DIRECTIONS AND PARKING INSTRUCTIONS —  Please see TSP OP PLAN TSP at ANP 2014 v.1 above.   Use GPS to navigate to L E Norwood & Sons Inc; 1301 Maine 102, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, for parking area.  Then consolidate and maximize seating in fewer cars to then assemble at Thompson’s Island Picnic Area at – Thompson Island Information Center, Trenton, ME.  See itinerary above for times.

3. TSP HIKER BIOGRAPHY TEMPLATE   — If you are a hiker with TSP at ANP 2014 I am asking all hikers to complete a Hiker Biography.   This is an ACTION ITEM for you.  Please complete and send back to me by mmm, dd, yyyy.   This is just one more gift you are giving to the families of the fallen in addition to guaranteeing their loved ones’ memories stay alive!

Hiking Preparation:

1.   TSP at ANP 2014 TRAIL MAP —  Not a great copy — but here are the hiking routes for the day.   Team Leads have these maps and more details.  

2.   LEGAL WAIVER AND RELEASE FORM TSP — **REQUIRED** Every hiker MUST complete this form or you cannot participate in the climb.  Bring your signed form, one for every hiker, or you can complete a blank one at Thompson’s Island.  We will have extra blank copies.

3.   TSP RULES FOR CARRYING A STONE — I request that everyone review this document.  These “rules” are more like common sense guidelines.  They are what make this project so successful!

4. TSP at ANP 2014 Hiking Teams and Stone Assingments v.7  —   Here are your Hiking team assignments, your hometown (for carpool efforts please — up to you to self organize) and your stone pairings.   Some of you will share stones of the same hero.  If the stone assignment says TBD you will carry a Spirit Stone.   Bolded names indicate photographer.  This Roster is NOT final. There will be updates.  97% solution now.

5.  Here is a link to a SIX-WEEK FITNESS PLAN.  This is just a suggestion, but please show up in shape.  I can’t think of a better source of motivation than hiking for a fallen hero from Maine.  Also, motivational video here — Aside from the very mission of TSP, this video should light a fire.

6.   THE SUMMIT PROJECT PACKING LIST FOR DAY HIKE— All the gear that is recommended for the hike.   Wear layers.  Some hikers will have TSP gear to include first aid kits, hiking poles, and radios.  Don’t forget to bring cash (for TSP merchandise — patches and tech t-shirts, and decals and stickers!)   Please bring food to share with the group too, think of this like a family potluck BBQ, so bring everything you would normally bring, to include chairs, utensils, paper products and event the grill.  Label your gear so you get it back.  Trust me, the food will get eaten.

Honoring the Fallen Heroes of Maine:

1.   Please ENSURE that you uphold your end of the bargain by memorizing the name, rank, age, service branch, hometown and traits of your hero.  Do your research.  Make this a priority. Learn about this individual as a Mainer, a brother, sister, son, parent, sibling, soldier, etc.   There are remarkable stories out there.  Make that connection.   This is HOW we keep the memory alive and I have your word you would do this.  This element of the hike transcends other “honor the fallen” events and allows you to look the surviving family member in the eye and say  “your loved one is not forgotten.”  There will be a special ceremony at the summit for you to reflect on your hero and his/her sacrifice.   Be ready.    Start by referencing this PAGE.


That’s it for now..  call or email any questions, or concerns.   Show up with a great attitude because this will be memorable, meaningful, and fun.  Thanks for saying yes to this challenge and taking it seriously.  Thanks for making this a priority.  There is no better way to spend a beautiful fall day in Maine than honoring our fallen who have guaranteed this right for us to assemble and enjoy our freedoms.  THANK YOU!

Major Dave — Founder, The Summit Project



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