Home / Press / MEPS TSP Honor Room Ribbon Cutting Ceremony — Portland Maine, March 29, 2014

Together with the Commanding Officer of the Maine Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), we held a ribbon cutting ceremony of The Summit Project’s Fallen Heroes Memorial room at the Maine MEPS Office, 510 Congress St. Portland, ME on Saturday, March 29, 2014 at four o’clock in the afternoon.

Our collection of memorial stones, each of which uniquely represents a fallen Maine hero, will be displayed in the Fallen Heroes Memorial room at the Portland MEPS. It is from this room that new volunteers will embark on expeditions to honor and sustain the memories of our fallen. This room and surrounding halls of the MEPS office is the precise place where the next generation of Maine veterans will take their oaths of enlistment, enter our ranks, and carry on the torch of our proud Maine veteran legacy, passed on to them from the last generation of Maine veterans, particularly our brave fallen heroes.


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